When it comes to Instagram, there are a few things that you’re probably doing that you need to avoid.

Each post that is uploaded needs to have the best chance of doing well so it can be seen by your ideal audience and propel your account.

Here are 7 Instagram Sins you should be avoiding:

1. Not Replying to Comments #

You’ve gone to the effort of creating a great post with lots of value and someone has commented.

Yay! That’s exactly what you want.

But, this is where you need to reply back.

We’ve seen it way too often. People are commenting on your post but you’re not replying back to them.

Now, I‘m not saying you need to reply straight away but you should reply within 24 hours to all of your comments.

Don’t just reply with an emoji either (we see you!). Take the opportunity to really invest in them and start a conversation by asking them a question or replying with more than just 2 words. It’s all about that value exchange.

2. Not Replying to DM’s #

DM’s are a way for your audience and clients/customers to make realtime connections with you!

Tips to grow your Instagram

If you’re a business who isn’t replying to their DM’s then you’re missing out on some really huge sales! Customer psychology has changed and your customers are now more inclined to DM the business than to email them.

If you’re ignoring your DM’s then those clients or customers are going to look elsewhere and not to mention, it doesn’t look too great on you either!

3. Posting Irrelevant Content Just So It Suits Your Feed #

Gone are the day of posting random photos of leaves and patterns just because it suits the theme of your page. These posts are usually accompanied by one line captions that really give no value to your audience and don’t serve your purpose.

I know it’s hard to move away from the old Instagram model, but if you don’t, you’ll get left behind before you know it!

Instead, think about different ways you can create content that’s really going to resonate with your audience.

4. Overposting #

Do you remember the marketers of 2013 that said you need to post 6 times a day to grow your account? This used to be true when we had a chronological feed but now the algorithm has taken over and now too much content can kill your social media.

It’s all about quality over quantity. If you’re posting 6 low-quality posts per day to an audience who isn’t engaging with it, then your account isn’t going to grow.

If anything, your account is going to decrease because of a little thing called audience fatigue.

This is when your audience gets tired or bored of seeing the same content or too many posts from one account. This ultimately causes them to unfollow you.

5. Not Showing Your Face on Your Stories #

With personal brands on the rise, people want to connect with real people. Putting your face on your stories adds an authentic element to your Instagram and your brand while building the know, like and trust factor.

People always connect with people and if you’re scared to put your face on your stories - you’re not alone.

It’s such a common fear but we recommend that you practice first and start small.

Start recording yourself talking to your phone and before long, you’ll start to feel more comfortable doing it.

6. Not Using All 30 Hashtags #

Hashtags are like a free microphone that lets you speak into 30 rooms at once. If you’re only using 3 or 5 hashtags in your posts, you limiting the potential reach that your post has!

By researching the best hashtags to use, you’re giving your post the best chance to be seen by as many people as possible.

7. Posting and Ghosting #

Don’t post content if you can’t commit to spending 15 minutes on your account after. By spending time on your account after posting, you’re able to interact with your audience which in turn, encourages them to engage back and comment on your most recent post.

Now that you know what not to do, it’s time to start posting!