7 Instagram Growth Tips for This Easter

Instagram Growth Tips

Kia - @hi_theresocialmedia

Mar 2, 2020 - 5 min read

The countdown is on for one of the tastiest holidays of the year, Easter! As everyone knows, Easter is one of the biggest holiday periods which happens to generate a lot of income for a variety of businesses around the globe.

So it’s important to jump on the seasonal bandwagon and really wow your followers this year to make the most of this shopping frenzy.

Instagram Growth Tips

1. Get Creative With Content

Every year we see endless forms of content popping up around a festive period - Valentines day, Christmas, New Years etc. You can’t escape it, so you may as well join in!

Think about your brand and the type of content you create, how can you put an Easter spin on your content for the Easter weekend? If you have a hospitality business, is there a way you can create a special meal to celebrate this time of year?

Below is a cute and playful example from @fluffegram who created fun little cotton candy easter egg treats!

Instagram Growth Tips

Or this creative little bunny made with @theloopchurros to create share-worthy content for Easter!

Instagram Growth Tips

2. Start A Themed Promotion

We all know that as soon as Easter rolls around, a lot of brands and businesses jump on board to take advantage of this special time to create some exciting promotional offers.

This can be the same for you - think of what type of sale or promotional offer you can create during the Easter period?

Again, it’s important to be creative with this, to make your offer stand out from the crowd. Reminder: Keep this promotion aligned with your brand and values.

We love this example below of an Easter promotion with @bananarepublic for their 40% off sale! They turned a standard sale offer into an exciting online and in-store egg hunt!

Instagram Growth Tips

3. Be Playful With Your Captions

Sure, it might not be within your budget to run a promotional campaign for Easter, however it could be a great idea to keep your captions relevant and playful for the seasonal period.

Here's our guide on creating perfect Instagram captions.

Feel free to add Easter related puns or stories about how your brand or business is celebrating this time of year. You could focus on things to be grateful for during the long weekend or simply start a conversation with your followers on how they spend their Easter period.

4. Run A ‘Guess The Number Of Eggs’ Competition

This is a playful way to increase engagement and maybe offer a free gift to your followers.

Simply upload an image or video with either your product or a fun vestle and fill it full of Easter eggs. Again, be creative with this - You can put it in your office and go around asking your team members to take a guess while videoing and putting it up on your Instagram Stories.

Then ask your followers to guess by adding their number to the comments or dm’s - Let them know that the winner will receive a prize (big or small, it doesn’t really matter as it’s all for the fun and hype of the competition).

Instagram Growth Tips

5. Run An Easter Themed Giveaway Competition

This is perfect if you have any type of product or service that people would like to win for free (most businesses).

Simply create an Easter themed giveaway and let your followers know that in order to win, they simply need to follow your account and tag 2 friends (or whatever type of rules you would like to include to grow your following and awareness).

Let your followers know when the competition winner will be announced and get creative with how you will announce the winner. The more exciting the prize, the more hype your competition will generate!

See below how @bodandted created a giveaway campaign for a lucky winner to recieve a pair of their sunglasses!

Instagram Growth Tips

6. Run A User Generated Content Competition

This type of competition is great for brand awareness and gives you so much more exciting content to play with! Essentially you would need to create a competition for your followers to create the content for their chance to win.

Some examples would be, your followers taking a selfie with your product in an Easter themed setting or Sharing a photograph of their own decorated Easter Eggs etc.

Telling your followers to tag your handle in the post and use a special hashtag designed for this promotion, you will announce a winner and offer a prize. Because this type of competition requires a little more effort from your followers, it’s worth creating a very exciting prize to get people engaged!

7. Go Behind The Scenes

Easter is a great time for people to feel a sense of connection. What better way to showcase your team or yourself than putting up some great content of ‘behind the scenes’ at your workplace or home.

Think about how you can really create a deeper emotional connection with your audience. Alternatively, think about how you could showcase a more comical side to your business this Easter - Start brainstorming and see what you come up with!

Wrapping up...

Now you can see the endless possibilities of where you can take your Instagram strategy this Easter holiday! The main thing to remember is to be creative and to keep thinking outside the box. Once you’ve run your Easter campaign, be sure to use our Instagram Statistics & Insights to see how successful your strategy performed.

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