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Increase your brands reach by monitoring and optimizing your Instagram marketing using our in-depth Instagram statistics.

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Full Followers Growth History

See how your audience has grown over time. We give you your full history so you can look back at past performance.

See your current growth vs. previous period for a more current view of your growth.

Instagram Statistics
Instagram Stats

See Where Your Followers Are Located

See an overview of the countries and cities from where your audience is located. Use this information to help target your advertising efforts.

We even give you a full list of the exact number of each followers in each location. You can also set location trackers to see how your audience is growing in a specific country or city.

Instagram Statistics Free
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Top Posts & Post Insights

See your full list of posts, sort them by likes, comments, reach or impressions. See engagement rates and make statistic based improvements of your future posts.

Export your posts to CSV along with all related Instagram statistics and data.

Instagram Stats Free
Statistics for Instagram

See How Many Hashtags You Should Use

See your average hashtags used per post vs. your average reach per post.

This gives you a good indication of how many hashtags to use to get the most reach for your brand.

Insta statistics
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