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Track, analyze and optimize your Instagram marketing with insights into your audience, posts, hashtags, locations, comments, competitors and more.

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We show your full history of insights and statistics so you can look back at the content that gives you the most engagement, last week, last month or even last year.

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Instagram Statistics

Keep an eye on the competition

Track your competitors Instagram strategies and find valuable insights that could help boost yours.

We track their followers, likes, comments, engagement rates, posting habits, hashtags and more.

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Team collaboration made easy & affordable

Give your team access to view insights for the accounts they need to work on. Add unlimited teams, and unlimited team members for no extra cost.

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Instagram Statistics

Story & post statistics, simplified

Trying to analyse your posts or stories in app is tedious and time-consuming.

We'll show you exactly which posts are performing the best, so you can focus your time on creating awesome content - that works!

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Instagram Statistics

Get to know your Instagram audience

We'll help you understand who your audience is and where they're from, so you can target those who already love your brand.

We show your followers growth in each city and country that you have followers in.

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Join over 5,000 brands and teams!


We're building a community to help you find influencers or brands to work with, who have an audience that's aligned with yours.

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We respect your safety, privacy and data.

That's why at sharemyinsights we only use the official Instagram graph API. Not only that but we respect your privacy & data - so if you want to remove your data, we allow you to do so within the app.

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Join over 5,000 brands and teams!

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