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No need for screenshots, create your own shareable Instagram insights link to share with potential clients to show them your insights.

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About to work with an influencer or brand? Make sure they have an active and engaged audience by asking them to provide you a sharemyinsights link.

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Good collaborations need good insights

So that's why we show not just 7 days, but 30 days of insights.

We track all the important insights: reach, impressions, profile views, top posts, website clicks and more.

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In-depth insights into your audience

See a breakdown of your followers by where they live: city or country, gender or age.

Setup location trackers to see daily growth of followers in certain locations.

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We're building a community to help you find influencers or brands to work with, who have an audience that's aligned with yours.

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We respect your safety, privacy and data.

That's why at sharemyinsights we only use the official Instagram graph API. Not only that but we respect your privacy & data - so if you want to remove your data, we allow you to do so within the app.

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